Editor: Randy T. Poole
Phone: 541-633-9323
First zeda date: Nov 1, 2016
Zeda address: http://zeda.org/usa/or/pendleton


  1. MarketStream, accurate and up-to-date.
  2. Database records of businesses and opt-in people of Pendleton Oregon USA and surrounding areas.
  3. Highly fluid, database records easily added, edited or deleted. 
  4. Financing, donations and advertising, free in costs.
  5.  Accuracy program, paying $1.00 per any correction seen by the public. An the editor's eye.
  6. Schema.org machine readable compliant with LocalBusiness vocabulary i.e. GasStation, MovieTheater.
  7. Built on drupal.org 8. First release "Drupal 1.0.0, 2001-01-15 (Jan 15, 2001)" 16 years mature, screen responsive theme, direct version control.
  8. GPS address, Physically taking GPS readings 3' from front door 10' to 13' accuracy. One click to accurate coordinates map.